PV on-grid rooftop solar power system is one of the most popularly used solar solutions for houses and commercial establishments. Grid-tie solar , also knows as on-grid, works in connection with the main grid. It offers the advantage of running load directly through solar and selling excess solar power back to electricity company by feeding the grid.

Su-Kam’s grid-tie inverters have high efficiency of more than 97%, guarantee reliability, and are meant for India’s harsh weather conditions. Packed with superb features they let you make ROI in just 3 years – yes, you can recover the cost of the system in only 3 years.

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The solar inverter is the heart of the PV System. The energy produced by solar panels will be converted into electrical energy (DC), which in turn need to be converted into acceptable form (AC) to run electrical devices.
Being a world leader in Power conversion technology, Delta offers a complete product range of solar inverters, accessories and services to our partners and installers and the best photovoltaic systems to maximize profit.
Delta’s state-of-the-art high frequency topology and MPPT equipped portfolio includes Grid-tied range of RPI series from 3KW to 500KW and Solivia range of inverters from 2.5 KW – 250 KW. Our inverters are compatible for both crystalline and thin film panels. Delta’s product range aims at catering customers with home, commercial and utility scale inverter requirements. SOLIVIA stands for “SOLar Inverters for Versatile and Intelligent Applications” and RPI Stands for “Renewable Power Inverter”

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  • High performance string inverters
  • From 1.5KW to 6.0KW
  • Wide PV input voltage range
  • Rapid MPPT tracking technology
  • Superior PV energy harvest
  • Transformerless design with higher operation efficiency
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • High overload capability under most ambient conditions

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Growatt 1.5KW 3KW 5KW grid tie solar inverter

Growatt 1500 2000 3000 4400 5000 TL

General Descriptions

 Leading-Edge Technology, CE,TUV ,VDE , SAA,DK5940 Certicificates.

> Maximum efficiency of 97.3 % and wide input voltage range

> Internal DC STWTICH

> Transformerless H6 topology

> Compact Design

> MPPT control

> MTL-String

> RS485 RS432 bluetooth Technology

> Comprehensive Growatt warranty program

> Easy country configuration, easy installation

> Multi-language display

> RS485 /GPRS interfaces
> Computer monitoring software
> Full protection functions:DC reverse polarity, AC short-circuit protection, ground fault monitoring, grid monitoring, integrate all-pole sensitive, leakage current monitoring unit.

> Standards complied: EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-6-4,EN61000-3-2, EN50178, VDE0126-1-1,IEC-62109